Saturday, August 23, 2008

so the first week of school is over. clark's first week of daycare is over. he seemed to love it. whenever i picked him up to go home, he always tried to wiggle out of my arms so he could go play. towards the later part of the week though, he was a little more resistant to going. however, the last couple of times i dropped him off, diane wasn't in the room....but as soon as she came in the room, he'd happily go to her. i've decided to take a weather analysis class. i'm not a meteorology major anymore, but i'm still interested in it. so this is my last year of school, and im having these overwhelming feelings that i haven't learned everything that i should. there are so many things i want to know, and this is the last chance. unfortunately, most of the classes i'd like to take have pre-reqs that i haven't taken. like, it'd be really cool to take a class on greenhouse growing, poultry science, contemporary dance(that one doesn't actually have a pre-req), and ceramics(art majors only). so that all sucks that i can't take those. stupid msu. jessica suggested that i just teach myself those things. i'm not sure i have the will power though. its a good idea though. i'll try that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Days

Today was the first day of my last year of school. It was also Clark's first day of day care. I had my first class at 9am so I woke up at 7am, fixed breakfast, made Clark a bottle, woke him up and gave it to him...then ate my bowl of fruit loops. Then I got dressed and got Clark dressed...packed his bag(diapers, bottle, and extra clothes). Then I drove down the street and walked into Diane's(Daycare). It was about 7:45am so there were only 2 or 3 other girls there. Clark got right down on the floor and crawled over to the toys. I stayed until 8:30 talking to Diane about random stuff. I finally headed to class. When I got out at 11am, I went back to our house and ate lunch and cleaned up a little. At about 12:45 or 1pm, I walked down the street to get Clark. Christopher and I didn't want him to be there too long on his first day, just to make sure he was happy and didn't miss us too bad. However, when I got to Diane's, she told informed me that Clark was asleep, so I told her I'd run a few errands and come back around 4pm. (She said they usually woke up around 2:30 and then she gave them a snack). So I paid our home insurance, then went to look at monogramable baby clothes at Rick's. After that I stopped by Sonic for happy hour(1/2 price drinks & slushes) on the way to Wal-Mart. Since I was Clark-less I was able to hang out in the craft section for a bit, then finish shopping for dinner. I'm making pineapple marinated ribeyes. After I went home and unpacked the cold groceries, Christopher urged me to go get Clark. He had a present for him(a soft bat and ball). So I walked back down the street to Diane's to get Clark. I smelled a fowl odor emminating from the house. I walked in and glanced around for Clark. He was in the bedroom getting his stinky, poopy butt changed. YAY!! I didn't have to change his poopy diaper today. haha. After he was done, I grabbed him and he gave me a hug. Then he wiggled out of my arms and crawled quickly back to the other kids and toys. I stood and talked to Diane just waiting for Clark to go. He never wanted to go, so I finally had to pick him up. He wiggled and wiggled and WIGGLED trying to get down. He did NOT want to leave! I guess that's good that he loves being there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Do you ever have weird dreams about people you knew a while back and haven't seen or spoken to or thought of in years? why is that? and it really makes me mad when i can't stop thinking about it. i wonder why in the world i'm dreaming about them, why in the world i'm thinking of them, where in the world they are and how they're doing. and most of all, why in the world am i thinking about them? it's really making me mad that i can't stop thinking about them. SO i have a dentist appointment today. in 30 minutes actually. alex has to watch clark while i'm there so she better hurry up and get home so we can go. i tried to join sams club today...but it was 35 dollars and i really didn't want to pay that. oh well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I don't know if it's just me, but is it or is it not impolite and weird and gross to go lay in someone else's bed. Sure, maybe if you go over to a friends house who has roommates and they want to sit in the room and the only place to sit is the bed and they're already sitting on the bed. then maybe. But Cooper(14) is over at our house right now. Christopher just left to run an errand(which is another issue). I was sitting in the room across from our bedroom and I looked across the kitchen into our bedroom and there cooper was...laying in our bed. and heres how it went down...."cooper!! get out of the bed!!" "why?" "bc i said so" "but its so comfortable" "so! its gross. you're probably dirty" "but i just took a shower" "yeah but you've been walking around our house, so now i know you're feet are dirty" "but you get in it after walking around the house" "only after cleaning my feet" "geez i didnt know you were such a clean freak" by this time i was mad and tired of arguing with a brick wall so i went back in the other room. after a few minutes i couldn't take it any more. i went back into our bedroom. "cooper! get out of the bed!" "clark, tell mommy to quit being so mean to cooper" "Cooper, its gross." by this time he's cuddled up in our comforter and laying on a pillow across the bed. "i don't go to your house and lay in your bed do i?! no. now get out of the bed!" "Fine!" and he finally got out and went to the living room to play xbox. so i went into our bedroom to get the computer and the bed is now covered in nasty crap. its disgusting. on top of all this....i didnt even get to sleep in it last night. i had such a terrible cough that i was keeping chris awake(oh no!) did he think i was sleeping a wink? so he made me go sleep in the room across the hall. which was probably better anyways...that way i didn't have to consciously cough into a pillow in fear of waking clark up. is it just me, or is it just gross and totally rude and impolite to lay in someone else's bed. AAAHH!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Blog EVER

I don't know who ends up reading this, but if i know a certain someone like i think i do...i'm sure they will be reading this the most. but... i'm going to try to figure out how to block that certain someone from reading this at all. i'll probably be talking alot about this certain someone. so from now on, instead of typing out "certain someone" i will refer to them as "Jane". and jessica...i think you know who i'm talking about. I think i'm going to use this alot to keep a journal on Clark, my currently 10.5 month son. I'm sure i will express other thoughts on here, but i want to be able to keep up with whats going on with him as time progress and as he grows. Right now he's crawling around the living room towards his bottle filled with white grape juice. His favorite toy is a ball. No particular ball. Just any ball he can find. Like today...we went into a local owned baby shop. half way through the store he starts trying to get out of my arms. I figured he saw something he wanted to get. so i looked down..and there was a blue ball about 5 feet away that he had his eye on. i let him get down and play with it. he was SO happy. then i kicked the ball into the next room of the store so he'd follow it(and me) so i could look at more stuff. ironically, one of the first things i saw was a rack of shopping cart covers(for kids to sit in grocery carts bc of all the germs) and there i was, letting my kid crawl around on a store floor. hhmm. but for some reason i didnt feel bad about it. he was enjoying himself...the place was small, carpeted, and probably only frequented by people who were pretty clean and tidy if you know what i mean. oh by the way....i bought clark the CUTEST little furry lunch box today: Clark also has a biting problem. He's working on getting his teeth in and right now he has 5 and is working on two more. I try to say no and spank him when he bites. That doesn't also deter him though. However, as soon as Christopher says no and spanks him(no harder than i do by the way) he cries and stops! how unfair is that. Clark starts daycare in like two weeks, i really hope he doesn't try to bite kids there. That really wouldn't be good. I guess I need to go help Christopher tile his mom's bathroom floor....if someone would watch clark.