Monday, August 18, 2008

First Days

Today was the first day of my last year of school. It was also Clark's first day of day care. I had my first class at 9am so I woke up at 7am, fixed breakfast, made Clark a bottle, woke him up and gave it to him...then ate my bowl of fruit loops. Then I got dressed and got Clark dressed...packed his bag(diapers, bottle, and extra clothes). Then I drove down the street and walked into Diane's(Daycare). It was about 7:45am so there were only 2 or 3 other girls there. Clark got right down on the floor and crawled over to the toys. I stayed until 8:30 talking to Diane about random stuff. I finally headed to class. When I got out at 11am, I went back to our house and ate lunch and cleaned up a little. At about 12:45 or 1pm, I walked down the street to get Clark. Christopher and I didn't want him to be there too long on his first day, just to make sure he was happy and didn't miss us too bad. However, when I got to Diane's, she told informed me that Clark was asleep, so I told her I'd run a few errands and come back around 4pm. (She said they usually woke up around 2:30 and then she gave them a snack). So I paid our home insurance, then went to look at monogramable baby clothes at Rick's. After that I stopped by Sonic for happy hour(1/2 price drinks & slushes) on the way to Wal-Mart. Since I was Clark-less I was able to hang out in the craft section for a bit, then finish shopping for dinner. I'm making pineapple marinated ribeyes. After I went home and unpacked the cold groceries, Christopher urged me to go get Clark. He had a present for him(a soft bat and ball). So I walked back down the street to Diane's to get Clark. I smelled a fowl odor emminating from the house. I walked in and glanced around for Clark. He was in the bedroom getting his stinky, poopy butt changed. YAY!! I didn't have to change his poopy diaper today. haha. After he was done, I grabbed him and he gave me a hug. Then he wiggled out of my arms and crawled quickly back to the other kids and toys. I stood and talked to Diane just waiting for Clark to go. He never wanted to go, so I finally had to pick him up. He wiggled and wiggled and WIGGLED trying to get down. He did NOT want to leave! I guess that's good that he loves being there.


Tassie said...

I remember when Raelynn went to daycare for the first time. I was a basket case. She had a great time in spite of me! Glad to hear that you made it through and was able to get some "Jessica" time. Hope to see you soon!