Thursday, August 7, 2008


I don't know if it's just me, but is it or is it not impolite and weird and gross to go lay in someone else's bed. Sure, maybe if you go over to a friends house who has roommates and they want to sit in the room and the only place to sit is the bed and they're already sitting on the bed. then maybe. But Cooper(14) is over at our house right now. Christopher just left to run an errand(which is another issue). I was sitting in the room across from our bedroom and I looked across the kitchen into our bedroom and there cooper was...laying in our bed. and heres how it went down...."cooper!! get out of the bed!!" "why?" "bc i said so" "but its so comfortable" "so! its gross. you're probably dirty" "but i just took a shower" "yeah but you've been walking around our house, so now i know you're feet are dirty" "but you get in it after walking around the house" "only after cleaning my feet" "geez i didnt know you were such a clean freak" by this time i was mad and tired of arguing with a brick wall so i went back in the other room. after a few minutes i couldn't take it any more. i went back into our bedroom. "cooper! get out of the bed!" "clark, tell mommy to quit being so mean to cooper" "Cooper, its gross." by this time he's cuddled up in our comforter and laying on a pillow across the bed. "i don't go to your house and lay in your bed do i?! no. now get out of the bed!" "Fine!" and he finally got out and went to the living room to play xbox. so i went into our bedroom to get the computer and the bed is now covered in nasty crap. its disgusting. on top of all this....i didnt even get to sleep in it last night. i had such a terrible cough that i was keeping chris awake(oh no!) did he think i was sleeping a wink? so he made me go sleep in the room across the hall. which was probably better anyways...that way i didn't have to consciously cough into a pillow in fear of waking clark up. is it just me, or is it just gross and totally rude and impolite to lay in someone else's bed. AAAHH!


Tassie Rosamond said...

i totally agree with you on the bed issue. i also hate it when someone lays their head on my pillow..eewww...who is cooper?

jessica said...

it is christopher's 14 yr. old brother.