Saturday, August 23, 2008

so the first week of school is over. clark's first week of daycare is over. he seemed to love it. whenever i picked him up to go home, he always tried to wiggle out of my arms so he could go play. towards the later part of the week though, he was a little more resistant to going. however, the last couple of times i dropped him off, diane wasn't in the room....but as soon as she came in the room, he'd happily go to her. i've decided to take a weather analysis class. i'm not a meteorology major anymore, but i'm still interested in it. so this is my last year of school, and im having these overwhelming feelings that i haven't learned everything that i should. there are so many things i want to know, and this is the last chance. unfortunately, most of the classes i'd like to take have pre-reqs that i haven't taken. like, it'd be really cool to take a class on greenhouse growing, poultry science, contemporary dance(that one doesn't actually have a pre-req), and ceramics(art majors only). so that all sucks that i can't take those. stupid msu. jessica suggested that i just teach myself those things. i'm not sure i have the will power though. its a good idea though. i'll try that.